AFAS was created to develop opportunities, inclusiveness and accessibility to football for people of all ages who have an amputation or congenital limb difference.

our aims

AFAS aims to promote and develop the sport of amputee football in Scotland. Working with football clubs and Scottish football's governing bodies, our aim is to create a Scottish amputee football league.

what we do

We create opportunities for amputees and those with congenital limb differences to play football at grassroots, club and national level, both for fun and competitively.

AFAS operates under the guidance and support of the SFA and the Scottish Professional Football League Trust. We also work closely with our friends at English Amputee Football Association and Irish Amputee Football Association.  

Amputee Football Association Scotland follows the rules and regulations set out by the European Amputee Football Federation.

meet the team

ashley reid

ceo &

Ashley has worked for 15 years in PR and media, specialising in sport and third sector media relations and fundraising.  When not running AFAS, Ashley works as Head of Fundraising at leading national youth work charity, Ocean Youth Trust ScotlandAshley set up AFAS with Paul Kelly in November 2016 in order to develop amputee football further in Scotland, having identified a palpable appetite for the sport. Ashley does not understand the off-side rule but thankfully it doesn't apply in amputee football.


manager & co-founder

Paul Kelly (PK) is manager of Petershill FC in Glasgow as well as manager at Partick Thistle Community Trust. He will play a key role in developing a Scotland-wide training programme based on the exemplar model of coaching amputee football that he and his team have perfected at Partick Thistle. And as scary as his picture looks, he's really rather nice and is partial to a chocolate ginger nut.

david galt


David is Head Coach at Partick Thistle Community Trust and coaches Partick Thistle Amputees. Born and bred in Springburn, he progressed from 'street fitbaw' to playing professionally for Queens Park and has earned himself countless awards for his prowess on the pitch. He has vast experience coaching football and even runs his own highly successful venture, namely Joga Futsal Academy.

kevin kelly

scotland head coach

Kevin is manager of Partick Thistle Amputees FC in addition to managing the national amputee football squad. He currently plays for Maryhill Juniors in the Scottish Juniors FA Super First Division. Coaching the team fortnightly at Petershill Park in Glasgow, Kevin has been instrumental in establishing an enviable coaching model that has proven hugely successful with Scotland's first amputee football team.