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World-renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Professor Gordon Mackay of The Mackay Clinic, agreed a three-year sponsorship deal with Scotland’s national Amputee Football team in 2022. 

The sponsorship has already ensured that the charity’s junior players can attend the highly-anticipated annual four-day training camp organised by the European Amputee Football Association. The camp will take place in August in Poland and will bring together more than 100 young amputees from across Europe to train and play football.


Professor Mackay is no stranger to the beautiful game, enjoying a stint as an aspiring player with Rangers in his youth before being drawn back to the field of medicine where he is now an International sports surgeon. His speciality is in innovation in the field of tendon and ligament repair, and he is the inventor of the InternalBrace repair technique and President of the InternalBrace International Study Group, (IBISG).

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One of Scotland's leading creative and design agencies, Morton Ward, based in Edinburgh, is currently supporting AFAS across the full spectrum - from designing the brand identity to complement marketing and PR campaigns, to interpreting the ethos of the charity and communicating this through a new digital and print design, all to be revealed later in 2017!


Morton Ward is celebrated for its intelligent interpretation of every brief, and the way the team responds in inventive and strategic ways to take each project steadily and speedily through to delivery. Their rigorous, robust processes develop, improve and refine the creative along the way.

AFAS would not have been established without the support and encouragement of the Scottish Football Association (SFA), particularly from SFA Disability Development Officer, David McArdle.


Amputee Football Association Scotland was adopted as a Game Leader of the SFA's new ParaFootball Association in December 2019 and AFAS Founder, Ashley Reid, currently sits as Vice Chair of Scottish Para-football. The SFA continues to act in an advisory capacity, providing support, guidance and expertise to AFAS to ensure our core values are consistent and mutually beneficial.


The Scottish Football Association offers a wide range of opportunities for those with disabilities to become involved in football and more information can be found here.

The Not Forgotten Association supports serving men and women who are wounded, injured or sick and veteran of any age with a disability, illness or infirmity. They do this through a busy programme of holidays, outings, concerts, Royal events and the provision of televisions and TV licences, supporting some 10,000 individuals each year. Some of these activities provide a physical challenge and the opportunity to develop self-confidence, others are of a more social nature and foster camaraderie; many will offer both challenge and comradeship.


All are intended to enhance wellbeing, restore confidence, boost morale and improve the chances of the individual and their family of enjoying a better life. To find out more visit their website.


Finding Your Feet is a phenomenal amputee charity started by single mum and businesswoman, Corinne Hutton, in 2012 after she lost both her hands and feet after suffering sepsis and pneumonia. Corinne didn't let her amputations stop her and in addition to starting a charity to support other amputees to get back on their feet, she has gone on to break multiple records including becoming the first female quadruple amputee to scale both Ben Nevis and Mount Kilimanjaro. Corinne recently underwent a double hand transplant.


CEO of AFAS, Ashley Reid, was working with Corinne as PR Director at Finding Your Feet when she managed a pilot project in amputee football. It was so successful  that Ashley, with backing from the SFA, launched a charity dedicated purely to amputee football. The two organisations work hand in hand to signpost amputees to the best possible opportunities. To find out more about Finding Your Feet, visit their website.

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